Tattoos: Evil practice or art form? | The Herald – The Herald

Tattoo’s are much more frequent more than ever throughout today’s life-style. Due to a result of the rise in level of popularity, people today are usually rushing to get a tattoo which unfortunately they after a period regret and want to get removed. People are at the same time getting them removed for business reasons, due to the fact a large amount of employers do not allow visable tatoos. This approach has led to the arise in laser tattoo removals. To quite a few, tattoo removing does seem harmful, but this piece of content I have found is really good at explaining exactly how good it works…

The HeraldTattoos: Evil practice or art form? | The HeraldThe HeraldA couple of years ago, two tattoo artists were jailed for raping a top musician’s daughter who had come to their house for a tattoo. The girl, then 19 years old was …and more »…Tattoos: Evil practice or art form? | The Herald – The Herald

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